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January 14 Topic: Authenticity and Safety!

Moving through the moment at hand we discover that EVERYTHING is conspiring to assist us to either Ascend with ease or dive back into density!

How does Authenticity assist us to flourish and does safety exist in a world that is seemingly spinning out of control?

Sri & Kira share timeless wisdom and powerful insights to claim the multitude of gifts that are yours to harvest..right now!  Yes!  

You are safe through your Authenticity and claiming it begins today

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Coming January 21: Thriving or Surviving?

Thriving or Surviving?

Two people are on the journey of ascended awakening. One is thriving, and seemingly living the life of their dreams and the other is merely surviving and seemingly stuck in a pattern that feels challenging.
Both carry beautiful heart space and both are eager to keep progressing on the journey. So what is the magic that offers one being the gift of thriving?
Sri & Kira share this divine “secret” and this is a show that will stay with you long after it ends!  Powerful, Sacred and the wisdom that will assist you to honestly break free!

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