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November 19: Releasing Doubt & Confusion! Forever!

You’ve been there! You are feeling confident and ready to move forward with someone or some “thing” triggers doubt!
Then the confusion creeps in and before you know it you are deep in the well of questioning everything!

Your heart knows that this state is not your truth, yet it seems to appear sometimes out of nowhere and for no apparent reason.
Regardless of where you are on the journey, this is a show that will assist you to be FREE to BE! To fly and create!
Tune in as Sri & Kira lovingly walk you through the key elements to let this go…forever!

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Coming Nov 26: Enlightened Presence…Your Empowered TRUTH!

What does it really mean to be enlightened and is this state only available for the few?  What happens when you claim your truth without fear or doubt?  A powerful show that culminates the energies of November by integrating your clarity, releasing the doubt and embracing the YOU that is the MASTER!

A fascinating moment at a fascinating time on our planet.  You are ready to live the Presence of your Empowered truth and today Sri & Kira will share all!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open! Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome! !

And all November readings are receiving the added bonus of the Cards of Clarity!

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And all November readings are receiving the added bonus of the Cards of Clarity!