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February 18: Bhakti: Claiming Creative Balance through Pure Love!

Going well beyond the limited dimensions of what love appears to be, the entire month of February is calling out to UNIFY the first and second chakras of all beings. This is the moment to harness your divine nature and step into the full presence and healing power of Bhakti!

Transcend the mundane as you reengage your divine heart in full support of your creative dreams. When the gifts of Shanti & Bhakti unify….MIRACLES HAPPEN! Today Sri & Kira share from their hearts so that your ascended presence ignites as your life soars with Peace, Love and ultimately Joy!
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Coming February 25:

Your Miracle Multi-Dimensional Presence

February is quickly closing and the ignition of March is already coming forward. As the moment of Ananda calls out, NOW is the moment to fully call into creation your Miracle Multi-Dimensional presence.

Imagine your life with your creative nature in oneness with your divine illuminated self! Imagine what you can accomplish as you bend time through multi-dimensional presence!

Yes…you can do this and all it takes is calling forward the ancient memories that are already awakening within you. Today Sri & Kira will take you on a journey throughout the cosmos as you REMEMBER and MANIFEST even more!

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