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Compassion & His Holiness the Dali Llama

Part Two of a Four part series from India!

Sri & Kira have spent the past week in the Himalayas and quality time in Dharmasala the home of His Holiness the Dali Lama. Walking the masters walk and now heading far into the remote areas of these sacred mountains what has been revealed and why is worldly compassion needed in this moment? Tune in for answers you may not be expecting and to connect with your divine master…right now!
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The Mystery of Kedernath and the Remote Himalayas!

Part three of a Four part series from India!

Hidden from many and often inaccessible there is a rarified presence that exists in this remote area of the world. Home of the Lord Shiva and filled with ancient energies that are wrapped in myth and lore, be sure to tune in as Sri & Kira share FIRST HAND The magic and discoveries of their time in this sacred area.

Why is Kedernath such a powerful place to discover? Cosmic connections? Direct messages from the Divine? One thing is for certain…this is a show you will want to listen to over and over again!

This Show is recorded live in India and includes responses to your mini soul reading requests as received at!

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Fascinating Articles from the Archangelic Realms through Sri & Kira!

MANIFEST NOW! Empower your Divine Creation!

The Sacred Valley of Divine Creation

…a cosmic energy attunement

Through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

The Cosmic Essene speak:
Hello beloved angels of great light, love, joy, wisdom, power, and resurrection. We come to offer to thee a guidepost for the journey that has begun, has already ended, and is starting again, and that will cycle until the freedom of your divine wisdom-seated soul illuminates the center of your journey and lifts you from it.

Initiating The Journey

Relax now and sit with us beside the crystalline fire. Join us in this beautiful world as you relax the energy of the mind of density and join us on this journey. We invite you to release the conscious mind of density and further relax. Consider this a fireside chat, a moment of relaxation and divine presence.

Feel now the energy of your head relax.
Feel now the energy of your shoulders relax.
Feel now the energy of your arms relax.
Feel now the energy of your entire physical form relax.
Relax. Relax. Relax.

And as you relax with your eyes closed or open, it matters not, allow yourself to feel the spacious gift of universal...Read More »

The Revolution

The Revolution

Through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Archangel Zadkiel speaks:
It is with great joy to be here with you, for the revolution has already begun! What is a revolution? It is important to understand what a revolution is as there are many ways that this word is used. The revolution we speak of is the revolution of the Reunion.

A revolution of the sun is not the same as a revolution of consciousness, or is it? Is not all a revolution? Is not all reunification? Is not all returning? Is not all offering back to itself? Yes!

When one moves forward, the consciousness of evolution becomes a revolution at the time of the reunification.

The Energy of Moving Forward: Spinning and Churning

You are moving forward into the time of the great energetic expansion and upliftment into Divine Galactic Re-membrance. As you remember yourself ever more, the revolution within initiates. You spin and churn, and everything that goes with it!

Within the spinning and the churning, there are extraordinary experiences. There are the physical experiences that are not always so fun. Sometimes may feel that you have churned enough for ten people....Read More »

Freedom from Chaotic Energy: Responsible Actions for Unsettled times

Freedom from Chaotic Energy:
Responsible Actions for Unsettled times

Archangel Zadkiel through
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Archangel Zadkiel speaks:
Welcome! Breathe and smile for you are welcoming new acquaintances that are creating extraordinary new openings. These openings create an energetic pattern that ignite your energies to meet, recognize, integrate and BE. This is a divine flow for the energetic shifts that you are living with, and they begin by welcoming new acquaintances.

Understanding Chaotic Energy

Energy is ever-abundantly available. It is not a missing link; it is not something from afar. When you say “yes” and welcome an acquaintance, it is an important discernment of your wisdom, as not all energy is for integration. Not all energy is for everyone. There are many different energy emanations. Some are substantial, some are good for your growth, some are necessary for all paths, and some are superfluous!

There are chaotic energies gathered on your planet within the planetary thought body. Reflect upon this. What happens to the energy you discharge through day-to-day interactions? Recall now an event when you discharged energy. It may have been a reaction while driving or with another you were speaking with. Often...Read More »