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September 17: Break Through Density!

Embody the Art of Ascended Living......When we embody our Ascended Presence and call forward our divine Soul to lead…the bottom line is that...MIRACLES HAPPEN! This week Sri & Kira take you on the journey of Ascended living and assist you to fully ignite and understand this prophetic message from the Lost Books of the Essene, Message One:

Comfort those who are asleep.

Be present for those who are drowsy.

BE with those who are awake.

Ready to put the Art of Ascended living into practice and gather the blessing of the universe as your support for the journey? Then tune in!

Listen to this Powerful Show Here:

Next Week: September 24

Living as the Master

Yes, we are beyond September 23rd and we are still here!!!

Celebrate that your mastery is the calming and reassuring presence that is always with you and indeed IS YOU! This is a cumulative moment and the energies of the entire year are coming into a divine harmony to set the stage for the rest of 2017 and well beyond.

Today Sri & Kira offer a recap and a valuable lesson on how you can call forward the energy of the divine master you are to thrive!

The lines are open for your mini soul reading requests, comments and questions…be sure to tune in and take notes!


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